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A comfortable transition for international students
We know that going to university in a new country can be overwhelming. That's why we do everything we can to support you, both socially and academically. We also spend time helping you adjust to life at your new university — whether that means giving you a tour of the town or introducing you to your professors.
Programs and services for international students are available through our International Centre and include:
  • Mentorship program
  • International orientation
  • Academic support
  • Health insurance
  • Immigration support
  • Graduation preparation
  • Student clubs and organizations


The interesting thing about Mount Allison-- it feels like everyone is an international student. Because mostly, it's a small town. So most of the people who study here, they come from another city, another province. So we are all discovering. We're all learning about each other.

Most of us are now away from our family, right? I think it was the first big challenge in my life, to study abroad.

Here in the Student Center there is also the International Center. And this is home to support services for international students.

The international office also provides a lot of support. There's great people work at it. And they really make it pretty simple for us to, if you ever need any help, go out there ask for it, which you usually find really helpful when you don't really know anyone here yet.

I'm currently a mentor. So for the incoming international students, I will help them get accustomed to the Sackville community, or take them around in the Maritimes, or talk to them about university life.

The international office are doing an incredible job. I think this is something in Mount A as whole, not just the international office. They do an incredible job in making sure that the international students feel at home and understand those cultural differences from both sides.

There is definitely a lot being done by the international office and Mount A as whole for the international students to feel like they're home.

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