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You can mix and match programs

At Mount Allison, you can choose majors and minors from different areas of study that match your interests and career goals to create a degree as unique as you are.

With more than 40 programs to choose from and a little curiosity  the possibilities are endless.

One of the things about Mount Allison that’s quite unique is that we have some really interesting combinations of programs that students can take. So, it’s a really made-for-you kind of degree that is possible here. You also see some really interesting combinations, it’s one of the few schools that has a full-on fine arts program and a full-on music program at the same place as arts and science.

I think what’s beautiful is the fact that students can really engage in a wide spectrum of opportunities, crossing disciplines, discovering a course, discovering a faculty member and then sewing those together in new interesting opportunities that make you the architect of your own educational pathway.

I do a lot of focused work with my research but also there’s the distribution credit system where you can take a bunch of different courses and also there’s special topics and there’s different ways to do minors and different subjects and even do independent studies in different subjects and get your foot in a bunch of different doors

It is a gift to have the time and freedom to take courses in all different areas. It is a gift. It is a delight to be able to take a course in biochemistry at 9:30 a.m. and then move into a course on ancient philosophy at 10:30 a.m. It is a gift in your first years in part because how do you know what matters to you until you’ve had the chance to do all kinds of different things. It is a gift to have distribution requirements because it invites you to try new things and in that to see the world differently.

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